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If someone has the urge to be in a romantic relationship, they may find that it is merely a matter of time before they meet the ideal person. Alternatively, they might realize that they are only able to get up to now.

The weeks will then pass this area of their life won’t change, causing them to experience plenty of frustration. There is even the chance that quite a few years will pass and this area of their life still won’t change.

Two Sides

It may then be as if they are playing their role, yet the world isn’t meeting them half way.

Fully On Board

It will have been as though they picked a destination and followed the right directions to get there, however, they ended up somewhere else entirely.

Experiencing life this manner could cause them to feel that somebody, or something, is holding them back. Seeing couples could be very hard for them, because it will remind them of exactly what they have not been able to experience.

At the same time, an individual may have been in several of relationships but every time they might have been with someone who was inaccessible. So, even though they were with them, they wouldn’t have been able to emotionally connect to them.

They may find it difficult to choose which of these two experiences is more frustrating, or they might find that being with someone who is unavailable is worse.

The Problem

If one has been with a number of people who were not able to commit, they might believe that other men and women are people who should change, not them. Until they change and are ready to share their Bat Droppings, their life won’t change.

At some point, one could place this area of their life to one side and concentrate on other areas of their life. This area of their life is then likely to be out of the control, and they’ll just have to wait until it changes.

Two Levels

The thing is, however, simply because one says that they would like to have a relationship and they take certain actions to make this happen, it does not mean that each part of them is on board with this desire. Nevertheless, if they are only aware of what’s occurring in their head, what they do, and what they say to others, they are not going to realise this.


What this illustrates is that what’s occurring in their unconscious mind has much more control over their life than that which is taking place in their conscious mind. When these parts work together, magic can occur; when they don’t, it can lead to a lot of pain and suffering.

The trouble is that when one is unaware of the effect that this portion of them is having on their life, it can be normal for them to feel helpless. Typically, what is happening’out there’ will be regarded as the problem.

The Main Need

This section of them will only allow them to experience what feels secure; therefore, if they’re unable to experience intimacy, it is likely to show that this is perceived as something that’s a threat to their survival. Now, it might be difficult for their conscious mind to understand how closeness could put their life in danger.

The thing about this part of ones being is that it can forget that it has forgotten about certain things. So, even though this portion of them might completely dismiss this as having no basis in reality, it doesn’t signify that this is true.

Emotional Archaeology

If one was to put what’s occurring in their conscious mind to one side and to reflect on what happened during their early years, they might acquire a certain amount of insight into their current challenge. They may find that this was a time when their borders weren’t respected.

At this era, this could have been a great deal for them to manage, and getting close to others would then have been associated as something which was not safe.


As the years passed, ones conscious mind (head) would have gradually forget about what happened but their subconscious mind (body) could have remembered. This part of these has no sense of time, so it won’t be like this is the way their life was; it will be as though it is how their life is.

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