Is getting old all that bad?

Is getting old all that bad?

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Getting old seems to be a slow and long procedure.

I didn’t really think I was getting old until a couple weeks ago I was visiting with a few friends from high school. You know those old high school buddies that you had fun with when you’re young enough to have fun?

A sharp difference exists between being young and being old. You need to get old to really understand the difference because when you are young you don’t have enough time to think. That is the problem with young people now. So many things to do and so much technology they don’t have any time left over to think.

There is a massive difference between being young and being old.

When you’re young, you enjoy having plenty of fun.

When you’re older, you enjoy remembering all of the fun you had when you were young.

The best thing about being old and remembering those great old days is that you may exaggerate about how good they really were. Even when you are exaggerating with friends that shared the same fun, they go along with you.

Whether it is the lack of memory or simply wanting to enjoy fun to its fullest extent, I don’t really know.

As my friends and I had been talking about the good old days, I happened to notice wrinkles on their faces. I didn’t say anything at the time, but they sure looked old to me. Also, I did not quite remember how gray their hair was when we were young.

When I was young and having all this fun, I never gave a thought about how young I was or that I was getting old. My entire focus was on the fun element of New York City Animal Removal and that I thought that would take me through the rest of my life.

I remember my 20th birthday quite well. I was observing getting from these teenage years and becoming an adult. Little did I know that it takes several years to develop into an adult and some don’t really make it.

Celebrating the good old days is quite impressive. Because in it all, I noticed my friends were getting older. One of my friends repeated a story three times and not to embarrass him, I laughed all three times.

After the meeting and driving home, I began to consider myself. Am I as old as they seem?

I was afraid to look in the mirror when I got home because I did not know who would be staring back at me. Whoever invented mirrors should be taken and then sent to the moon. A mirror never tells you the proper story and never tells you how old you really are. It just makes a funny face .

My friends might be getting old, but I have put my foot down and I have refused to get old.

1 friend was using a cane and I did not have the guts to ask him why he had been using a cane. He hobbled about and I am not positive if he hurt himself or if he was just getting too old to walk by himself.

I must admit there are a few days that I feel old, whatever that means. Some days I am a little slower than I had been the day before. In general, I am not as old as some of my friends look.

There’s an old saying that says you’re just as old as you feel, and I’m not certain what old feels like. I would like to ask my spouse, but you know the trouble I’d be in then!

I did enjoy my visit with those friends, but it did start me thinking about things I’ve never thought about before. Someone said that the 70 is the new 20. I will keep this in mind when I hit that magical mark called 70.

When I got home, I shared some of my thoughts with the Gracious Mistress of the Parsonage who just listen very patiently. I went on and on about how old my friends seemed.

When I settled back into my seat and sipped some coffee, she looked at me and said something that rather startled me. “I wonder,” she said rather thoughtfully, “if your friends are saying the same thing about you!”

This was a thought stopper for sure. What if I looked old to them?

Is it really that bad to get older? I thought about that for a minute and then realized if you stop getting older, you’re dead.

The one I like is,”They shall still bring forth fruit in old age; they will be fat and flourishing” (Psalm 92:14). This one fits me to a T.

Not only are my friends getting old, but I am getting old and my goal is to get as old as possible.

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